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No two corporate transactions are ever the same and this is something I find particularly interesting. I like the diverse nature of corporate transactions and the fast-paced aspects of corporate work. I enjoy learning about different client businesses – especially working with clients based in unique sectors which I have not come across previously.

I’m an ambitious, determined individual that’s passionate about helping others. I always endeavour to exceed client’s expectations and try to resolve matters in a cost-effective manner. I work for multiple organisations, including many owned managed businesses, private equity companies and a few startups.

My legal specialisms include mergers and acquisitions, group reorganisation and restructuring, corporate governance and corporate secretarial. I assist companies with the legal aspects of running their business from incorporation and management to dissolution of the company.

Outside of work, I am a choir leader and head of my youth group in Church. I love food, and I spend a large degree of my free time trying out new restaurants in Northampton. I am also quite artistic, and I love to travel.  Lastly, I am a huge tv and film enthusiast, and I spend my free time watching films and tv series of all genres.

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Patience is a virtue! There are always unexpected delays with corporate transactions, but we will try to resolve this quickly.

Provide all information in relation to the matter, let us decide what is important.

If there are any changes to your circumstances or the transaction, involve us as early as possible.

What are statutory books?

Statutory books are official records of the company and a legal requirement under the Companies Act 2006. They consist of the following registers: register of allotment, register of transfer, register of members, register of directors and director’s residential address, register of charges and PSC register.

What is the company’s authentication code?

The authentication code is a 6-digit alphanumeric code issued by Companies House to each company. We use the code to file company information on Companies House.

Can we sign electronically?

Provided the Articles do not restrict this – we can sign most documents electronically.

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