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As a process-driven individual, I find my mindset fits with conveyancing. Helping developers to sell their plots, is something I thoroughly enjoy and involves providing an efficient, problem-solving service. I like to build personal rapport with my clients rather than being a remote, purely transactional, figure.

My experience has covered standard plot sales, help to buy, shared ownership and affordable housing. I’ve acted for large and small developers along with housing associations in my career.

Outside work, I am heavily involved with housing and supporting homeless and vulnerable people, as I believe there are a great number of unrepresented people in this country that do not readily have access to support systems or housing facilities.

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Always go for quality over quantity – a more tailored service is always beneficial

The setup to a development is key and will enable transactions to progress smoothly

Don’t over-promise to complete the sale, as this may cause issues post-completion.

My frequently asked questions

Why has this not yet exchanged?

There may be a number of issues why; including issues with the lender and enquiries raised by the other side.

Can we complete with the completion certificate to follow?

Not unless the contract allows. Ultimately it is not advisable to do this as, should the property not achieve sign-off, our client may be in breach of contract if completion has taken place

Will you provide land registry approval for the plans?

The land registry will only provide this for developments which have six or more plots.

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