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I enjoy helping clients thrive, develop and build relationships while seeking to protect their assets, people and reputations.

To provide the best advice possible, I really get to know my clients and their businesses inside-out. I am interested in them and what they seek to achieve – and I want to be alongside them in that journey, as a sounding board and confidante alongside a solicitor.

I’ve worked with several universities, including world-renowned research institutions, a national building contractor and start-up enterprises. I have also worked with private sector entities looking to build relationships and bid for projects with universities.

My specialisms include commercial supply contracts for goods and services, research collaborations, procurement and commercial advice on large-scale partnership projects and data protection and IP advice.

Outside work I love to cook – a few years ago I took a two-year City & Guilds course in professional cookery at night school! I also love walking my dog and paddle boarding with him. However, these can only be fitted in when I’m not being a taxi service for my daughter!

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Speak to your lawyer as soon as possible. This can save time and costs. You don’t need to wait until you have a fully-formulated plan to start talking to me.

Never be afraid to ask questions

Be clear about what you’re looking to achieve and consider what the most important things are you want to protect. Don’t worry if those things change during the process.

My frequently asked questions

Should you ever agree to an uncapped indemnity or accept unlimited liability?

In some cases, there is no option, and it depends on what your bargaining position is – and what you’re prepared to risk, along with the mitigation measures you use to control those risks.

What would you do in my situation?

As long as clients have been given the appropriate legal advice, I think it is important to tell them what I’d do if asked – they want my opinion, not just my advice.

Am I a data controller or a processor and what do I need to include in my privacy policy?

It helps to walk through the various relationships with clients and discuss and track with them what (in reality) will actually happen to that personal data and why.

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