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Getting right to heart of your business, and being a central part of the team which helps that business to grow and develop, is really important to me. Corporate law is not just about the pressure and excitement of completing a deal, but about combining highly technical and detailed work with a clear view of our common goal.

I’m not afraid to express my opinion and give clear and commercial advice – working with successful business owners or managers, as well as private investors and a range of firms from global corporates to private companies, I want to see them succeed and am willing to go the extra mile to make that happen.

Outside work, cars, cycling and skiing are my passions, with music and cooking close behind.

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Involve us in your transactions as soon as you can. An initial chat at the outset can help to spot issues and save time and cost in the long run.

Assume that one day a buyer will want a copy of each and every contract your business makes. Ensure you have a system in place that can quickly meet that need.

Remember your lawyers are part of your team. We will pull out all the stops, but it helps if you can give us notice that you need us and give us the detail we need as soon as possible.

Read questions I’m frequently asked

Can I have a one page document to do x, y and z please?

We will make things as simple and straightforward as we can and we won’t use legal jargon, but you are paying us to ensure things work for you. There is a good chance something will go wrong if the fine detail is overlooked.

Have you seen anything like this before?

If it relates to a corporate matter, then the chances are that I have. I’ve been involved in dozens of transactions, large and small, and helped numerous clients to achieve their goals and so I can quickly point you in the right direction.

Why aren’t you like other lawyers?

I won’t sit on the fence, I won’t fudge it and I’ll give you my advice in plain English. I want you to know that you can rely on me, to enjoy working with me and to recommend me to your contacts - I don’t need to be stuffy, boring or condescending in order to do that.

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