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I make the law accessible and easy to understand for my clients, which is particularly important for people who are going through difficult periods or want to plan for the future. I like to get to know my clients as individuals and build relationships with them as this helps me understand their circumstances and tailor my advice to their needs.

I work with individuals, families and older and vulnerable people, providing advice on estate administration, wills, lasting powers of attorney and deputyships.

Outside work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, playing netball and watching rugby.

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Don’t assume anything – ask a legal professional and explore the options available.

Preparation is key. Everyone should have a will and lasting power of attorney in place. Don’t wait until it is too late.

Review your will every few years or at the time of a big life event to ensure it still reflects your wishes.

Read questions I’m frequently asked

Do I need a will?
Yes, if you have a family and assets then a will is essential to ensuring your wishes are carried out.

What is a Grant of Probate?
A Grant of Probate is a legal document issued by the court which enables the executors to prove their authority to deal with an estate.

Do I need a Grant of Probate?
A Grant of Probate will not always be necessary but rather depends on the type of assets held, the value of those assets and where they are held.

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