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Dr. Saverio Salandra, Partner, International and


Direct Dial: +4420 337 58304
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A bit about me

Specialising in corporate law means handling a range of business transactions including negotiation, drafting and reviewing agreements.

I hold an MBA in finance and J.D. in law, dual qualified and am multilingual with broad international experience in UK, Asia, USA and Europe.

Some of the industries I’ve worked in include retail, software, real estate, media, leisure, financial services and alternative and renewable energy.

My specialisms include M&A, Private Equity, Joint Ventures, Management Buy-outs, Leverage Finance, Corporate Reorganisations, Share Incentive Plans, Venture Capital and EIS/SEIS Fund.

Outside work my passions are a variety of sports – from golf to wind surfing, racing, football, tennis and swimming.

Want to know more?

Realise that culture is key in any corporation and corporate transaction

Secure alignment from the right people during any transaction

Know when to walk away from a transaction

Why is a shareholders’ agreement important?

It sets out the rights and obligations of shareholders and governs how the company is controlled and managed by its directors and shareholders.

Why is due diligence important?

Due diligence helps buyers and companies understand the nature of a deal, the risks involved, and whether the deal fits with their investment criteria.

What is a disclosure letter?

A disclosure letter is a document from a seller to a buyer containing both general and specific disclosures, against which warranties are given. It is used by a seller to limit the investor’s ability to bring a claim for a breach of warranty.

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