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Resolving disputes, whether in court or outside it, relies on real knowledge of a client’s business needs and objectives – I enjoy working closely with people towards solutions, so that I can find a way to help them beyond simply applying the relevant law.

I work with companies in a wide range of sectors, from construction, sports, media and telecoms to financial or advisory businesses and my advice is always clear and pragmatic; even if it is not the news my client wants to hear, I am straight about what their options are and clear with my recommendations. Litigation does not always mean going to court, but I am always willing to fight my client’s corner.

Outside work my focus is on my family, but I also spend time on restoring cars and Krav Maga.

Dispute between company and former client resolved thanks to Partner’s knowledge

When a complex contractual dispute occurred between two companies our client came to Dispute Resolution Partner Simon Beasley for assistance. Simon advised on the contract, the evidence and implemented a strategy, leading to this testimonial from the company’s business leader. “We have been blessed by the guidance of Simon during a very difficult and lengthy dispute with a former client. “Simon was able to give our company the strength and direction we needed to be able to not only stand up for ourselves but also develop an extremely strong strategy. Not only is Simon readily available and willing ….Simon’s guidance and intelligence have been invaluable.”
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“Exceptional service” from dispute resolution partner leads to testimonial

Simon Beasley was quick to act when a disagreement between two owners of an equestrian practice required his guidance and assistance. Simon’s dispute resolution expertise meant he could negotiate a suitable understanding between the two directors. This allowed his client to exit. The client said: “I would like to reiterate my gratitude for all your help and guidance. It’s been a real weight off having you handle the situation, and the professionalism and efficiency of service has been exceptional.”
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Settlement reached after longstanding commercial dispute

Simon Beasley’s support and expertise achieved a very successful outcome for our client; Jacqueline Bailey, director and manager of Airthrie Homes. She said: “I am so grateful to you for representing us, and for being a powerful advocate for me throughout these difficult times. Thank you so much for your passionate, thoughtful and brilliant work.”
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Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Speak to a litigator before problems begin. I can help someone far more when looking into potential hypothetical problems or situations that look likely to be problems in the future. The later a litigator is brought in, the more difficult the task and the less options there are available.

Have a clear goal and definition of a ‘win’ in mind. Once this is established the strategy to achieve it can be designed

Be commercial and as unemotional about a dispute as you can bring yourself to be, pride and principle can be very expensive.

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Why do solicitors cost so much?
Because you are not paying just for my time today, but the education and years of experience I have amassed in dealing with these types of problems, which helps resolve them more efficiently and successfully.

How do I resolve disputes?
The best way is to have good terms and conditions in place. Review them regularly and have your litigator talk to your commercial solicitors to ensure that, after each dispute, you add in any clauses that could have helped you.

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