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For me, the focus of my works is supporting my clients and making sure that they can make the progress they want, with the right people and all the right HR procedures in place.

Getting to know their businesses really well means that I can give exactly the support they need, drawing on the wider experience of the whole team too so that they benefit from a real breadth and depth of experience.

I work with a diverse range of firms, from major manufacturers and charities to veterinary and dental practices, as well as a range of SMEs in several sectors.

Outside work I have recently taken on a renovation project, so DIY is my new hobby!

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Be organised, keep detailed staffing records.

Don’t make all your staffing decisions without seeking advice, we may be able to find you a better solution.

Keep in touch – touch base with us as your matters progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an employer dismiss an employee on long term sick?

Yes, although it is advisable to follow a sickness absence process before doing so.

If you have fully explored the diagnosis and prognosis of the employee’s health and determined whether or not they are disabled within the meaning of the Equality Act 2010, including obtaining medical evidence, consideration can be given to terminating employment, but it is always advisable to seek advice before doing so to minimise any future litigation.

Can I terminate an employee without following a process?

For employees with less than two years’ service, there is no ability to claim unfair dismissal or to criticise the lack of any formal disciplinary process. However, for employees who have accrued two years’ service or more, failing to follow a process can give them grounds to claim unfair dismissal, even if the dismissal itself is considered fair.

It is usually sensible to take a more cautious approach and follow a formal disciplinary process if you have concerns.

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