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As a private client lawyer specialising in wills, trusts and estate administration, I guide clients through what can be an emotional and stressful period. Whether that may be following the death of a loved one or when people are making decisions regarding their will. Communication is key to ensuring they understand all the options available to them and they can make informed decisions.

Providing clear advice is essential, as is ensuring my clients feel listened to and understood. This is crucial in understanding their circumstances, family dynamics and objectives. I’ve worked with individuals in the preparation of wills and LPAs and with executors/administrators of estates.

Outside work I love netball – watching, playing and umpiring –  and play in the Hereford league!

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Be prepared, make plans in the event of your death and communicate them to loved ones. When you are no longer here, it will make the process a little easier for your nearest and dearest during a very emotional time.

My frequently asked questions

What are the inheritance tax implications of passing my assets on after my death?

This all depends on the details of your will, the type of assets you are passing and who you are passing them to. There are tax exemptions and reliefs that may be applicable, depending on your circumstances. Having a well drafted will and planning in advance can alleviate the tax implications upon death.

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