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I offer pragmatic advice focussed on resolving (or avoiding) disputes quickly and cost-effectively.

I have acted for a variety of clients, including private equity houses, regulatory bodies, sports clubs, investment advisory companies, IT / telecommunications companies and film companies.

I have experience of handling a range of business disputes including contractual claims, breach of warranty claims, shareholder disputes, claims for breach of trust, fraud and dishonesty claims, data theft claims, IP claims, sports related claims, and defamation claims. I also provide reputation management advice to my clients and frequently deliver bespoke training on a range of topics including dispute avoidance.

I have represented clients in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, High Court and  International Arbitrations. I also have extensive experience of resolving disputes by alternative means such as mediation.

I get to know my clients’ businesses and the people who work with them so that I can devise and deploy the best strategy to achieve the right outcome for them.

Outside work, I spend my time raising my young family, socialising with friends and doing my best to keep fit (running and cycling).

Chambers and Partners - Wayne Beynon

Wayne is strong commercially and he is knowledgeable.
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Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Ensure your commercial contracts, employment contracts and constitutional documents are prepared by, and with advice from, competent legal advisors, and (just as importantly) ensure they are reviewed regularly. Avoid using old, outdated template documents to cut corners

Seek specialist advice at the first signs of a potential dispute. Dispute avoidance is almost always more cost-effective than litigation.

Ensure your dispute resolution lawyer has the necessary experience and capacity to handle your dispute.

My frequently asked questions

How long will it take to resolve my dispute?

Each case is different, and much will depend on the approach taken by the parties, their preparedness to compromise and their ability to fund the litigation costs to trial. Before undertaking any work, we will advise on the range of potential outcomes and the likely timescales involved.

How will I pay for my legal fees?

The funding options available will depend on a number of factors including your prospects of success, your ability to recover damages from your opponent and whether you are a claimant or defendant. We offer a full range of funding options including CFAs, DBAs and Third Party Litigation funding. We will discuss all available options with you so that you can make an informed decision on the most cost-effective way to fund your legal fees.

How much will I pay?

We will provide you with a detailed scope of work and cost estimate so that you have a clear understanding of the work we will do for you and what our fees are likely to be. It is often difficult to accurately predict how much it will cost to bring a dispute to a final conclusion when we first discuss your case with you - much will depend on the approach taken by your opponent and whether court proceedings prove necessary.

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