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11 June 2020

Webinar: Insured or not insured? Recovering your Covid-19 business interruption losses

So many businesses have faced interruption and financial losses as a result of Covid-19 that they are turning to their insurance policies to determine if any recoveries can be made. In our webinar we present the issues faced by businesses in relation to insurance claims, the insurance industry’s current position, how to make a claim and the alternative options should your claim be unsuccessful.

At the beginning of the webinar we asked the audience to participate in our poll. The results were as follows:

The webinar is 61 minutes 33 seconds and includes presentations from:

  • Robert Capper, Covid-19 Lead who introduces the webinar at 00:05
  • Duncan Sutcliffe, Director, Sutcliffe & Co. Insurance Brokers, who starts talking about insurance policies and whether they include cover for pandemics such as Coronavirus, the insurance industry’s current position and your options under ‘business interruption’, at 06:37
  • Adam Finch, Partner, Dispute Resolution, who starts talking about what to look for in your policies and what to do if the wording is unclear, at 16:38
  • Jenny Raymond, Partner, Dispute Resolution, who starts talking about what to do if you think you have got cover, at 23:58
  • Martin Chapman, Partner, Baldwins, who starts talking about the components of a claim, your costs and the key considerations when calculating the financial elements of the claim, at 33:26
  • Questions and answers start at 49:28

We have answered all the questions asked before and during this webinar here.

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About the Authors
Adam Finch, Partner, Head of Commercial Disputes

Adam Finch is a Cheltenham solicitor, specialising in dispute resolution .

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Jenny Raymond, Partner, Head of Banking and Financial Services Disputes

Jenny Raymond is a Cheltenham solicitor, specialising in dispute resolution.

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Robert Capper, Head of Commercial Team

Robert Capper is a Worcester solicitor, specialising in commercial.

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