Brexit – the view from across the Channel

11th February 2019

We are obsessed with Brexit in the UK, with news channels full of nothing else, but how does the UK look now from across the Channel? We will be taking a view from the Netherlands with colleagues at Dutch law firm Adriaanse van der Weel in February.

Brexit is likely to have consequences for other countries, especially the Netherlands, with which we have a trading relationship stretching back over centuries.

On February 21, in Middelburg at the Stadhaus Burgerzaal, we will consider where the UK stands only five weeks from the deadline, what the challenges will be for Dutch trading partners, and how we can maintain and strengthen individual links.

We, as a firm, have strong links with the Netherlands and this event will be an opportunity to exchange views and understand Brexit from a new perspective, as well as meeting fellow business people from both countries who want a wider view of the challenges ahead.

What will it mean for the Netherlands? And for your own organisation? Can you benefit from the change? How can you protect yourself? We will look at the possibilities from both a Dutch and an British perspective.

Nicolas Groffman, our Head of International, said: “Whether it is a ‘no deal’ or a new deal, the UK’s trading relationships will have been permanently affected. The Netherlands and the UK share a history of looking far beyond their borders to trade and fight around the world. Brexit has reawakened that spirit in the Britain – though maybe without the fighting.”

Jaap Ijdema of Adriaanse van der Weel advocaten, said: “We welcome the chance to discuss such a major upheaval within Europe with those who are experiencing it at first hand; I think this event will interest both Dutch and British businesses.”

For details of the event and to book onto it, please follow the link below.

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