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Commitment and ‘leading from the front’ secure M&A deal

15th February 2024

A busy road in reading

When connected cloud solutions provider FluidOne required assistance with a recent M&A deal, they turned to Arpinder Dhillon and the corporate team for help, leading to a successful outcome.

Roy Hastings, FluidOne’s CFO, said: “Our business has partnered with Arpinder and her team in relation to a full range of corporate services for a number of years. The level of commitment in terms of client service from the corporate team is unquestionable and is led from the front by Arpinder personally.

“The HCR team all know how to work effectively with FluidOne on M&A, and we have developed ways of working together over multiple successful deals. We are grateful for the team’s dedication to helping us to deliver our strategy and I regularly recommend HCR to colleagues in my network.”

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