Corporate challenge – personal advice

5th December 2019

Business and a personal life

Business and personal lives can rarely be entirely separated, but when corporate challenges have a knock-on effect on people’s personal circumstances, it’s vital to be able to call on a range of advice.

Our corporate team recently dealt with the sale of the entire issued share capital of one of its telecoms clients. One of the shareholders was a trust. Due to the nature of the trust, and the buyer’s concerns around the relationship between the trust and the target company, the corporate team sought advice from the Wye Valley private client team, led by David King.

David was able to advise both the corporate team and the trustees of the trust so that both understood the mechanics of the trust and what steps would need to be taken in order to give the buyer peace of mind.

Arpinder, who leads the Wye Valley corporate team, said: “We often ask for advice from colleagues for our clients, of course, but this was an especially good example of being able to tap into technical advice for personal issues but in the context of a corporate transaction which needs a common sense, commercial approach.”


For advice and information, please contact Arpinder at [email protected] or on 07958 134 281.

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