Give your business care and attention

9th July 2018

As featured in the Worcester News on Monday 9 July 2018

I believe that business owners should treat their businesses as they treat their homes – with love, care and attention – if they want them to thrive.

Businesses, like houses, need firm foundations and those often depend on the right paperwork – contracts, agreements, leases and terms and conditions. That’s where good lawyers can really help to set up a business properly and maintain it well – making sure that, as the business grows, it has the right tools in place, is an important part of my job.

Many people only turn to a lawyer when there’s a problem – I understand that, but it’s rather like waiting until there’s a hole in the roof before you take action. It make much more sense, and is less stressful to keep an eye on the maintenance and involve your professional advisors before problems come up.

The same rules apply to all businesses, however large or small – I help people buy and sell their businesses, whatever size they are. I’ve dealt with business in the recruitment, beauty and financial services industry recently, and each transaction is different but each merits the same focus and attention to detail.

I am often asked how much something will cost and how long it will take – while I will always give a realistic estimate on both counts, cost shouldn’t be your sole driver when you’re making decisions with long-term effects for your commercial success.

Buying or selling a business can be a very stressful process, and you need advisers who are easy to work with and give you clear advice – that broadens the range of options open to you and is worth the investment.

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