Marking World Cancer Day

4th February 2022

When your child has cancer, a cup of tea and free cake might seem such a small thing, but when it shows that someone has your back and knows that hospital visits can be expensive, that means much more.

We are supporting the Children of Worcestershire Cancer Fund, which helps the families of youngsters with cancer with everything from a Costa Coffee card so they can get a hot drink while they wait in hospital, to days out, Christmas treats and essential mobility aids.

The fund is part of the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Charity and is run by oncology staff who support the children every day.

Elizabeth Wickson, an associate with Medical Accident Group, said: “The work the fund does makes a real difference to the families involved at a very difficult time in their lives and we are very pleased to be able to support that. If you would like to donate, they would be delighted to have your support too.