Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021 Essential Update webinar

16th November 2021

In September this year, the final version of Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) guidance was published and came into effect.

To help guide you through the changes Kristine Scott, Head of Education at HCR, hosted an essential update covering the KCSIE.

This webinar covers:

  • An overview of the changes that came in to effect in September 2021;
  • The updates to Part one of KCSIE including the new condensed Annex A;
  • Updates to Part two, the management of safeguarding including online safety, peer on peer abuse as well as non-school activities on school premises;
  • Changes to safer recruitment including shortlisting of candidates;
  • Updates to Part four of KCSIE including the new section on how to manage low level concerns;
  • In addition to the updates to Part five of KCSIE, this webinar also covers the updated Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Between Children In Schools and Colleges (“SVSH”) advice.

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