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Justin Mason

Partner, Head of Real Estate, Cardiff Real Estate

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About me

Real estate combines tangible assets, like land and buildings, with people’s needs and I enjoy the collaborative aspects of it, just as much as I enjoy the creative side, especially at the development stage.

Many of my clients are large corporates or bespoke developers, but whatever the issues, I find that attention to detail and a focus on the client’s overall needs can make a crucial difference to a transaction. My experience over the last 20 years means that I am used to solving problems and structuring transactions quickly.

Buildings feature in my interests outside work too – I love 20th century architecture and design, especially brutalist concrete buildings, along with the work of graphic designer Peter Saville and artist Graham Sutherland.

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Top Tips & FAQs

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Involve your solicitor at the earliest possible stage in a transaction as their input into the structuring of a deal or Heads of Terms will save cost later on.

Always either visit the property you are buying or letting and spend some time walking around looking at the surroundings. What appears on a plan is often different from the physical reality.

In any property transaction, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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How long will it take to reach completion?

As quickly as the other parties in the transaction act. If they are not moving quickly enough, it’s my job to move them along.

Should I do this deal?

From a legal point of view, only if you are comfortable with the risks identified in doing so (if any).

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