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The corporate landscape is a competitive and constantly evolving marketplace. As a corporate solicitor, it’s my role to take a proactive approach to identify and solve potential issues early on. By doing this, my clients can grow and achieve their goals. I make a point of explaining things in a jargon-free way and ensure I’m available to provide updates throughout the process. I’ve worked across a range of industries including education and childcare, retail, financial services and IT consultancy.

My specialisms include M&A, restructuring and reorganisation, management buyouts, shareholder agreements, articles of association, incorporations and joint ventures. Outside work, I enjoy sports – particularly cricket, which I play every weekend for a local team.

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Do not be afraid to ask questions. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have; and the more you know about the process, the better the outcome for all parties.

Be prepared to be flexible. Some transactions can be unpredictable, and circumstances can require flexibility to move forward.

Put everything in writing in the clearest manner possible.

My frequently asked questions

How long will this take?

It is difficult to give exact timeframes as deals can be very complex – we will be upfront about timescales, and the more information you can give us at the outset will help us to give the best estimate to avoid any unseen delays.

What are warranties?

In the context of acquisitions, these are promises made about various aspects of the business by the seller. If any warranties are untrue, there could be a claim for damages by the buyer. They are an important point for negotiation as buyers will want extensive warranties to minimise risk - while the seller will want them to be as limited as possible. Sellers can also disclose against warranties to avoid liability – and it is crucial that advice is taken to fully understand the promises being given.

Why do we need both articles of association and a shareholder’s agreement?

The articles of association are a company’s rules that appear on the public record, whereas a shareholders’ agreement is a private document only available to the parties who sign it. While there can be some overlap between the two, there are many terms of a shareholders’ agreement that need to be kept private. It is crucial that both of these documents are kept up to date and correct to ensure each parties’ obligations are clear.

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