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Because farms and the countryside are where I have spent most of my life, I really understand the people and the businesses in the countryside who I advise, so I can make sure my advice is both practical for their circumstances and commercially-focused. I work with farmers, landowners and a wide range of rural businesses, advising them on regulatory issues of all kinds.

The better I understand a client and their difficulties, the better placed I am to help. I always aim to remove as much stress from them as possible, and that means being accessible and focusing on their best interests at all times.

Outside work, running, Rugby Union (Saracens) and rural life are my passions.

Want to know more?

Try to step back from the problem and see the bigger picture; this can be very difficult to do in some situations, such as protracted family disputes, but it can provide a different insight and approach.

It is so important to communicate at an early stage; failure to communicate is what often causes the issue in the first place.

Write as much down as you can, so that we have evidence to support you at a later stage. This will markedly improve your prospects of success.

How much will it cost?

It is very difficult to be accurate because so much depends on the nature of the problem, complexity, amount in dispute, approach taken by the other party and whether they act in person or are represented.

Will I be able to recover these costs?

If you are successful, generally costs follow the event. That means you will obtain an order that the other party pays your costs. The courts manage and scrutinise costs in much more detail now and you will recover what is considered reasonable and proportionate in amount.

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