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Claire Howard-Amos

Partner, Head of Real Estate, Central England Real Estate

About me

As a real estate solicitor, the variety and challenges of each project keeps my work extremely interesting. Being able to assist my clients through the entire life cycle of their transactions, assisting at all stages, gives me great satisfaction. The nature of my work means long lasting relationships with clients, which always means better results.

I’m a commercially minded lawyer and I know how strategically important real estate transactions can be. It’s my job to get the deal done as quickly and efficiently as possible. With almost 20 years of experience in residential development and strategic land work, I support housebuilders, landowners, funders, and charities to achieve their real estate goals.

I advise on promotion, joint venture, collaboration, option, and utilities agreements, as well as overage terms, title documents, funding documents, and contracts for the acquisition and disposal of land.

Outside of work, if I’m not trying to keep up with my three girls then I’m skiing, playing tennis, or running.

Legal 500 - Claire Howard-Amos

Claire Howard-Amos is superb at drilling down to the nuts and bolts of what is required. She has patience and perseverance in abundance.
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Negotiating style and commercial approach lead to high praise from clients

When the Tilbrook family wanted to sell their land as part of a garden village development project, they turned to Claire Howard-Amos for help. The project, which includes 500 houses, a new primary school with nursery facilities and sheltered housing required a collaborative approach. Claire said: “We worked with both the purchaser’s and land promoter’s legal teams to very tight deadlines in order to provide a positive outcome for the client. It was great to be involved with a project which will benefit the entire community.” Mrs Tilbrook said: “Claire has been an invaluable asset to our complex development project. She is excellent at meeting deadlines and we have particularly appreciated her negotiating style and commercial approach.” Claire specialises in residential development and strategic land work and is working on a number of similar projects.
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Top Tips & FAQs

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Get advice early. Not only can we help to structure the deal but the longer we are involved in a project, the better our understanding is of how things have evolved and what the respective parties’ priorities are all of which helps to get the deal done.

Keep your lawyer in the loop – not only in relation to the project but also your business, so that we can have a better understanding of the business and spot opportunities as they arise.

Read your legal reports thoroughly!

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How much will this cost?

Naturally this will depend on matter specific factors, but having the level of experience that we do means that we are able to estimate costs realistically.

How can we fix this?

Every piece of land and deal is different and will have different issues that need to be resolved. I am a great believer in there being a solution for every problem and will work with you to find the solution that best meets your requirements.

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