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I specialise in corporate law due to its fast-paced nature, and the opportunity it provides to work with a wide range of clients across different sectors. Each business has a unique set of needs and faces different legal challenges – I take the time to really get to know my clients’ businesses and work with them to face those challenges head on.

I work with a wide range of organisations, from SMEs to large entities, and often deal with M&A transactions, company restructures, investment work and general corporate governance.

Outside work, I am a big foodie and enjoy trying different cuisines.

Top Tips & FAQs

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Always keep a record of agreements – this will inevitably help in the long run if you come to sell the business.

Provide as much information as possible from the outset – this will help us help you

If you’re unsure, ask!

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Can you help my situation?
Almost certainly – either myself or one of my colleagues will know the answer, or be able to call on one of our colleagues in teams across the firm.

How much is this likely to cost?
Every deal is different, so this can be difficult to estimate, However, we will provide an estimate of fees at the outset.

How long will this take?
Again, every case is different, but we will provide an estimated timescale at the outset and keep you updated of any changes along the way.

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