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Janeen Brindley

Senior Associate (FCILEx), Residential Property Real Estate

About me

I find property a really interesting area of law – it’s like putting together a jigsaw! It’s very fast-paced, rarely boring and there’s always something new to learn, plus I enjoy the contact I have with clients.

As part of the residential team, I deal with the legal aspects of individuals who are buying and selling houses and flats. We’re very approachable and will go the extra mile to help our clients, even if that means being available out of work hours.

I don’t just tick the boxes, I value you. Like the rest of the team, I work hard to build a rapport so I know what you want and can give you advice on matters that might help, or that you weren’t even aware of.

I’m honest, friendly and professional and if there’s an issue with a chain, I won’t just stick to contacting the other party’s solicitors, I’ll contact everyone to get to the bottom of it.

Outside of work I like being with my family, taking holidays and having fun!

Smooth house move thanks to “brilliant support” from real estate team

Tony and Linda Race wanted to move from Padstow in Cornwall, to Shipston in Warwickshire. They turned to Janeen Brindley and Matthew Hanson for expertise, guidance and support. Janeen and Matthew provided a positive outcome for their clients thanks to their real estate knowledge. Tony Race said: “We want to thank you and your team for all your efforts on our behalf with the sale of our Padstow property and the purchase of our new Shipston house. “It has been a pretty nerve-wracking journey at times – although we’re sure you will have seen it all before! You held our hands, kept us calm and supported us brilliantly throughout the process – and we’re very happy with our new home and its location.”
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Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Get your paperwork together for your solicitor as quickly as possible, even if you don’t think it’s relevant. Holding onto it can delay matters.

To keep your stress levels down, be as flexible as possible and remember much of this transaction will be controlled by your solicitor.

Don’t commit yourself to anything without first checking it is achievable.

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When can we move?

This depends on many factors so it’s difficult to predict at the start of a transaction. I’ve seen a purchase complete in a week, and another sale that took a year, so it’s best to be realistic and rely on your solicitor to keep you updated of any matters that crop up.

When do you want the money?

If you’re buying a property, we need 10 percent as cleared funds to enable exchange to happen. The balance, including the disbursements and fees, need to be with us no later than the day before completion, again as cleared funds.

I have a question about the condition of the property – what should I do?  

You will likely need to have a survey completed. We can put you in touch with the right person, or provide advice on what to do in your particular position.

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