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Laura Bufton

Chartered Legal Executive (FCILEx) Dispute Resolution

About me

Working in dispute resolution means no two days – or clients – are the same; providing open and honest advice is key to helping clients achieve their objectives, and the problem-solving aspect of my work is especially rewarding. A specialism of mine is e-disclosure, a skill which helps to unravel complex cases and provide a positive outcome for clients.

My clients include legal organisations, healthcare providers, security providers and a number of other industries; I have helped them to handle contract disputes, shareholder and director disputes, misrepresentation, and civil fraud cases amongst other issues.

Top Tips & FAQs

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Obtain legal advice at an early stage

Organisation: have a complete record of communication with the other party/parties. Include all telephone calls, meetings emails, text messages etc. Put everything in writing where possible and maintain a secure back-up of the relevant data

Make sure to do your due diligence before entering into a business relationship and before deciding if legal action should be taken

My frequently asked questions

Do I have a strong case?

At the initial meeting, it’s best to provide as much detail as possible. This allows for an honest opinion on the merits and risks of any action and to determine which route meets your objectives. Consideration should be given to the financial status of the other party to ensure that any action taken is proportionate. We can undertake due diligence at an early stage to ensure you can make an informed decision on the best course of action.

How much does it cost?

This can vary quite significantly depending upon the type of case that you wish to pursue, along with the value and complexity. However, we will provide you with an estimate as to the likely costs at the outset of your instruction and will continue to update you throughout.

What information do you need?

You should consider the type of data that exists and where it is stored. When proceedings have begun, you have an obligation to ensure that relevant data is preserved. I can help you in locating and capturing relevant data and reviewing it in the most cost-effective way. If your data is organised and securely stored from the outset, this will assist in the future should any dispute arise.

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