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Whether you manage a school or an academy, you need a trusted education law specialist to help you to handle the many complex and challenging issues you face, from parental complaints to exclusions, from safeguarding to compliance.

Data protection is also a key issue for schools, as well as for charities and a range of businesses. I can advise both strategically and practically when you face regulatory scrutiny on matters such as subject access requests, personal data breaches and freedom of information requests because I have considerable experience of dealing with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

My previous experience as part of the in-house legal team for UCAS and UCAS Media Limited means that I have a deep understanding of the legal and data challenges faced by a range of data-rich organisations, so I’m well-placed to advise on successful resolutions.

My passion for education extends well beyond the workplace – I enjoy learning new languages and discovering other cultures.

Expert training to keep schools up to date

The up to date information and expert advice on offer at our annual Schools HR Day is always much appreciated - one first time attendee from an independent school said: “Yesterday’s training was excellent and really useful. Thank you very much for organising such a worthwhile day.” The day is one of our most popular events and gives delegates an update on topics such as employment law, safeguarding and data protection law.
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