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From buying and selling businesses to advising on general company law, I use my creative thinking and vast corporate knowledge to move your business forward.

Rather than just solving the immediate legal puzzle, I try and see the bigger picture. While I can find the solution to a problem, the quality of my advice is dependent on me making sure it is a good fit commercially for your business. I work with organisations across all sectors, and advise on both acquisitions and significant disposals, ranging from the very small to £50 million in value.

In my spare time, I am an avid follower of sport, including football, golf, cricket and American football. I’m also a keen reader and particularly enjoy detective fiction, and try and go to the theatre whenever I can.

Corporate team advise on the Sale of leading ladder and fencing firm

Peter Raybould from our Corporate team advised Rowan (216) Limited on the sale of Newent based Ladder and Fencing Industries (LFI) Limited.
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Helping care group grow with new acquisition

Bringing together health care and corporate expertise, Louise Crook and Peter Raybould advised National Care Group (NCG) on their acquisition of Shelton Care in Stoke-on-Trent, continuing their long-standing relationship with the group. Shelton Care has multiple facilities in the Stoke-on-Trent area and last year generated more than £10m in revenue. For nearly 30 years they have been providers of residential and nursing care for adults with learning disabilities, autism and other associated support needs. David Stanhope, Managing Director for NCG, said: “Shelton Care has made a name for itself in care and education in Stoke. The services and support it provides and, most importantly, its person-centred ethos, fit well with the NCG philosophy. Our first priority is to ensure a seamless transition for service users during the integration period which we are confident will be achieved working closely with the dedicated team at Shelton Care." “This strategic acquisition continues our drive to expand NCG’s footprint and highlights our growing ability to provide person-centred care throughout the UK.”
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Never lose sight of the end goal, no matter how many changes occur within a particular deal.

If there’s a job to be done, it should be done properly. Don’t cut corners!

There's no such thing as a stupid question – we’ve heard it all before, so ask us and we're happy to help.

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What is a warranty?

A warranty is a contractual promise given by a seller to a buyer about the item being sold by way of contract. If you are selling a business or a company, then a buyer will expect a seller  to give a series of warranties in relation to the circumstances of the business or the company and will feature heavily in the relevant purchase agreement.

How much is this going to cost?

Every deal is different, but if you can give me as much detail as possible from the outset, I can give you an accurate estimate.

Why should my company have a shareholders agreement?

If your company has more than one shareholder then a shareholders agreement can be a very useful tool for regulating the relationship between a company and its shareholders.

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