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Because employment law is so fluid and demands both a high level of legal expertise and an understanding of people and what makes them tick, I find it challenging and stimulating. I work for a wide range of people, from manufacturing and construction clients to a large university and media and recruitment companies.

Making a difference to my clients and solving their business challenges is my prime motivation. Whether you just need a guiding hand, some help with a negotiation or litigation advice, I aim always to give straightforward and practical advice that really helps.

Outside work, I have a real passion for road cycling and spend many happy hours riding anywhere from Malvern to Majorca.

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Make sure your employment contracts and policies are robust and up to date. You never know when you might need to rely on them.

Raise performance or conduct issues with staff in a timely fashion and in accordance with your own policies, keeping good records of any discussions held. If you delay too long, you might expose your business to allegations of unfair treatment or discrimination.

Treat your staff fairly and consistently, and foster a culture of openness and effective, two-way communication.

Read questions I’m frequently asked

Can you help me to get rid of my problem employee quickly but without getting sued?
There is usually a way to achieve this if you are prepared to take a commercial view on what it might cost. Let’s talk about it!

I’ve taken on a new manager who has restrictive covenants carried over from his former employment. Can you advise me on how this might affect what he can do for me?
Yes. Let’s have a look at the covenants and we can work it out.

I have an employee with long-term health problems and I want to be able to terminate his employment so that I can replace him and move forward. How can I achieve that?
We will need to look at the medical evidence, consider possible disability discrimination issues and work out the best course of action.

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