Finding, and keeping, employees in a competitive market

7th February 2024

The recent CIPD Autumn Labour Market Outlook report 2023 found that 41% of employers surveyed have hard-to-fill vacancies.

Given the well documented costs associated with recruitment, and other factors such as skills gaps and low unemployment rates, the focus falls back on employee retention.

Companies with good employee retention generally have a range of tactics in place to ensure they keep hold of their employees.

So, if you’re struggling to retain people what should you be doing?

Establish a consistent, positive management style

Poor management is the most common reason employees give for leaving an organisation. This, coupled with a lack of communication can create poor working relationships. All too often individuals are promoted too soon and with little support and training.

Discrimination claims are also more likely when there is a culture of poor management. This also leaves the employer liable unless it can demonstrate that it took all reasonable steps to prevent discrimination from happening.

Relevant training

Putting in place a programme of quality training is crucial to retaining employees. By investing in your people, management will be equipped to deal with situations they may come across and employees will feel more valued. Evidencing a comprehensive and effective training programme can also help an employer in terms of liability if a claim is made against them.

Create a culture that everyone wants to be part of

Creating somewhere that people feel appreciated, understood and where they belong has huge positive impacts for employee retention. Happy, valued individuals are much less likely to leave a role than those who feel disengaged. Ensuring that you have effective equality, diversity and inclusion policies in place is an essential part of this.

How can I help?

Employment law is so varied, and I am lucky to be able to work with a wide range of clients. I support many of these with strategies to improve their workplace environment. I also advise on performance or conduct issues, making sure these are dealt with fairly and promptly to avoid any undue stresses on either side.  I also help to mitigate risks arising in the first place by providing effective employee relations policies that are tailored to the needs of my client’s business.  I support clients to settle workplace situations and avoid matters going to court wherever possible.

Regular training is hugely important for every organisation. If you need bespoke training for your team, I can run sessions on a variety of areas, from current issues you may be experiencing to topical law updates to make sure you are ahead of the game. We can also put in place more extensive training packages via our Eagle HR service.

If you’re looking for support for your workplace, you’ll want us on your side.

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