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Rebecca Kirk

Partner, Head of Defence, Security and the Forces Sector and Hereford Office Employment and Immigration

About me

In employment law, people are at the heart of everything we do. I love to know what drives people, how they live their lives and their different backgrounds, cultures and opinions. It’s this human element of my work that appeals to me most.

Employment law is extremely varied and fast-moving and I often find that an approach that works for one person or business may not be right for another. HR strategy can be influenced by politics, culture, the current climate and even just by how an individual is feeling on the day, and I find that really interesting and challenging.

I work mainly for respondents in large and medium-sized companies, and I have specific expertise in issues that affect public sector organisations and companies in the defence and security sector. I’m knowledgeable and practical with a friendly, down-to-earth approach. It is important to me that my clients feel like I am on their side and that I am working as an extension to my their team to ensure we secure the best possible outcome for them.

Outside of work, I love walking and one of my proudest achievements was being part of a 30-strong team of women who trekked to the Everest Base Camp for charity.  If I wasn’t an employment lawyer, I’d be pursuing my passion for great food and delicious wine by running my own bistro.

“A clear focus on the desired outcome”: Employment Partner receives glowing testimonial

When a Hereford-based company specialising in secure mobile communications required advice, assistance and guidance from an employment expert during an employment tribunal, they turned to Partner and Head of Hereford Office Rebecca Kirk. The tribunal had started following allegations of discrimination by an employee who had been dismissed in 2020. Rebecca represented the company involved in two hearings, resulting in the majority of allegations either being dismissed or withdrawn. Mr Ticehurst, the director of the company, said: “When we engaged Rebecca, to take on our employment case we had little knowledge of the journey ahead. Rebecca guided us skilfully and thoughtfully with a clear focus on our desired outcome. “We would like to thank Rebecca for her hard work, diligence and responsiveness throughout. The whole experience has been outstanding – thank you Rebecca.”
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People are the biggest asset to any business – and sometimes they’re the biggest risk. An employment law issue is a people issue, so it’s important to deal with the person, not the problem.

Take advice and trust us. Even if you decide not to follow our advice, whatever decision you make should always be an informed one. Our job is not to run your business or make decisions for you, but to make it easier for you to do so.

Stay calm. Whatever the issue, there’s always a way through in the end. It may not look how you expect it to, but there will be a solution.

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Why is employment law stacked in favour of the employees?

It isn’t, although it can feel like that to an employer trying to run a business. In fact, you can usually do what you want to or need to do to make your business run effectively. You just have to do it fairly and reasonably.

You’re a lawyer ­­– can you help me with my divorce/house purchase/dispute with my window-cleaner?

I’m usually asked this by my friends and family and the answer is, as much as I’d like to, no I can’t! Speak to an expert in the right area as nothing can replace specialist advice. No lawyer knows everything, but most know another lawyer who can help.

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