Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can easily do today!

20th September 2017

Too many of us put off making a Will, either because death isn’t something we want to think about, or because we don’t know how best to divide our estate.

Failure to make a Will, however, can lead to anxiety and stress, at a time when our loved ones are already grieving.  It is not safe to assume that your spouse will inherit the whole of your estate and if you are unmarried, your partner will not be legally entitled to any of your estate, even if you have been together for years!

Reluctance to make a Will may stem from discord within the family, perhaps because one party to the marriage has children from a previous relationship and there is friction between the children and the new spouse.

A carefully drafted Will can deal with each of these issues and ensure that all parties are protected and provided for in the manner that you would wish.

Making a Will can be simple if you get the right advice.

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