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Should the worst happen, it’s important to know that you’ll have someone looking after your best interests. I help people to plan for tomorrow, ensuring they have a power of attorney in place and a well-drafted will to protect their family.

I work for a wide range of individuals, including elderly clients, farming clients and business owners, as well as wealthy individuals. To make sure a client’s estate planning needs are met and understand their circumstances better, I collaborate with their accountants and IFAs when appropriate, and I regularly make home visits to chat to clients in a place where they feel comfortable.

No matter who you are or the size of your estate, I’ll help you find peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones will be looked after in the best way possible.

I am a full member of STEP.

Expert advice and help administering estate

Julia Stahl’s expertise and experience in handling and administering estates supported a Wye Valley family after their elderly mother died. Her help through the process was invaluable – her client said: “Thank you for the professional manner in which you conducted in sorting out Mum’s estate, and for bringing it to a successful completion. Many thanks for everything.”
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Expertise and guidance on administering estates

Julia’s expertise in estate administration has been invaluable for a family dealing with the loss of their mother - one said: “I would just like to thank you for sorting everything out so quickly. Your knowledge, help and advice made it much easier than we expected, not only for settling Mum’s estate, but also when dealing with Dad’s estate a few years ago.”
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Putting a lasting power of attorney in place will help your family avoid unnecessary stress if you no longer have the capacity to agree the content of your will.

Personal circumstances change regularly, and the law does, too. Be sure to review your will every few years to make sure it’s still relevant and legal.

If you’re concerned about inheritance tax, have a chat to us about estate planning and making gifts out of income.

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Why do I need to put a power of attorney in place?

In the unfortunate event that you lose the ability to make decisions, a power of attorney will help to avoid any delays in applying to the Court of Protection, and will reduce the stress and anxiety for your family in trying to carry out your wishes.

How do I avoid inheritance tax?

Planning your estate in the first possible instance and having a well-drafted will can help to reduce the impact of inheritance tax. If you’re concerned about how inheritance tax might affect you, speak to me or a member of our team and we can tell you about the different options available.

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