New Acas Guidance on Suspension

26th September 2018

Acas have recently published new guidance on the circumstances in which employers should consider suspending an employee.

The guidance states that an employer should usually only consider suspension if there is:

• a serious allegation of misconduct;
• a workplace risk to an employee who is a new or expectant mother; or
• There are medical grounds to suspend.

It also covers:

• how an employee should be suspended;
• pay during suspension;
• how long a suspension should last;
• communication during a suspension;
• ending a suspension; and
• the options available if an employee believes their suspension has not been handled fairly.

The guidance makes it clear that suspension should not be an automatic reaction to disciplinary allegations and alternative solutions should be considered where possible.

Whilst the guidance is not binding, it is recommended that schools follow it.

A copy of the full guidance can be located here.

For specific advice or queries, please contact Hannah Wilding on 01242 246485 or [email protected].

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