Spotlight on…Kate Grant

6th January 2023

Kate Grant is a Partner in our family law team. But what first attracted her to a career in law? What’s been her most memorable legal experience to-date? And what are her three top tips for clients? Find out below.

What first attracted you to a career in law?

From a young age I’ve always been drawn towards a challenge and law provides this in abundance. The intellectual and emotional toll required is surpassed only by its reward!

What type of legal advice do you provide and to what sorts of client?

I am proud to continue to represent a wide variety of clients, but I typically represent mid to high-income earners, both employed, or self- employed, or spouses married to the former, with reasonable or significant assets behind them, either earned, pre-acquired, inherited during the relationship, or a mixture of all three.

I have supported and advised clients on numerous legal matters and can advise on asset protection including pre/post-nuptial agreements or cohabitation agreements. After a career spanning 30 consecutive years, I have extensive in dealing with the division of matrimonial finances in financial remedy proceedings, together with Schedule 1 and ToLATA proceedings and private Children Act law.

What is your most memorable legal experience and why?

Acting for a client in hugely contested Children Act and Schedule 1 proceedings. I remember we were citing coercive control before it became properly acknowledged as a concept – which sadly isn’t even that many years ago.

After losing a five-day fact-finding battle in the CFC. The court reintroduced contact – the children were subsequently abducted whilst abroad and discovered to be en route to a non-Hague convention country. The police, and Interpol were involved.

Through quick and decisive action from a number of parties, the children were thankfully recovered at the eleventh hour.

I still recall how the judge would later describe the incident as “a (mere) folly” by the father and wonder how the courts today, particularly post the Domestic Abuse Act 2021, would handle it.

What is your number one top tip for clients?

Transparency and a degree of insight. Plus, in children act proceedings, to love your children more than you dislike your ex as at the point of separation. So that’s three!

I remember vividly asking a very charming client once how he thought the conference with counsel that day had gone. His answer was, “As well as can be expected with 3 Alphas in the room”. This still makes me laugh- I am always acutely aware of how difficult it is for a high achieving individual to not be in total charge of his/her finances for a period, and the consequential temporary loss of control of his/her life plans.