Spotlight on the Family Law team: Roopa Ahluwalia

2nd September 2022

Today we introduce you to Roopa Ahluwalia, Partner in our Family Law team. She tells us about her most memorable legal experiences and her number one tip for clients.

What first attracted you to a career in law?

Probably watching too many US TV shows that made law seem so exciting. Work experience at the age of 15 soon knocked that out of me, but I was absolutely fascinated by the work I saw the lawyers doing in real life. Plus, the added benefit of no one in my family being a lawyer added to the attraction!

What type of legal advice do you provide and to what sorts of clients?

I am a family lawyer which, means I advise clients in happy times – think prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements – as well during much more stressful times such as divorce.

Broadly speaking, I advise clients on their financial outcomes on divorce, and I deal with any issues surrounding children such as which parent they might live with or even which country they might grow up in!

My clients are mostly recommended to me, but I will help anyone that needs me. Working in Cambridge and London, I see a variety of people from different backgrounds, from farmers to tech entrepreneurs, and school teachers to visiting professors – and everyone in between and around these industries.

What is your most memorable legal experience and why?

This question made me laugh and the first examples that came to mind were the silly ones, so let’s go with those. I remember turning up to court once, only to see a chap in the waiting area sat there in his pyjamas in protest to being witness summonsed – a few weeks later he became my client!

Similarly, I remember advising a client to slightly tone down his sartorial dress style.  I turned up at court to find him in a hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and trainers all covered in paint!

What is your number one top tip for clients?

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Divorce is a stressful situation and people always take on too much. Self-care is important as that is the only way you can really support yourself and others around you, such as children.

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