Webinar: What’s the deal – how the UK-EU Trade Agreement affects country of origin rules

8th February 2021


In this webinar we tackled one of the biggest Brexit issues: country of origin rules.

The rules of origin are how customs agents determine where an export has come from. This, in turn, defines the tariffs it will be subject to – tariffs which have changed in the new deal. On the surface this appears a simple process, but supply chains are complex and we know from the questions our clients are asking, that the rules are sometimes unclear. It can be difficult for traders to prove origin, and even harder for authorities to assess compliance. Barriers like this can mean delays, incorrect tariffs, or outright refusals.

In this Q&A style webinar we answered questions from the audience and submitted beforehand, covering everything from the broad to the technical detail of the UK-EU Trade Agreement and countries of origin rules. If you have a question you can contact our Brexit team at [email protected].

This webinar was delivered in partnership with GFirst LEP, Swindon and Wiltshire LEP, and the West of England Combined Authority. For more fully-funded support with the business impact of EU Exit, please contact your local Growth Hub:

Gloucestershire Growth Hub | Swindon and Wiltshire Growth Hub | West of England Growth Hub

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