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I’ve worked in the agricultural industry for over twenty years, starting in the National Farmers Union – I use my knowledge of the sector to help my clients resolve their issues. I make sure that I’m always available for my clients and take time to understand their issues in order to make sure I can advise them of the best course of action – or how to avoid a worse outcome.

I’ve worked with a range of clients, from farmers and landowners to agribusinesses, developers and quarry companies amongst others. My specialisms include dispute resolution in the agricultural sphere, advising on property disputes, from overage to access disputes, public rights of way disputes and agricultural tenancy disputes.

Outside work, my passions include golf, growing veg and keeping quail.

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What happens next?
It depends, but where there are several possibilities, part of my role is to anticipate what could happen next.

What would you do?
I can only advise you on possible outcomes – you must make the final decision.

Could I have avoided this?
To give yourself the best chance, you need to take advice early.

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