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Rachel Turner

Partner, Head of Corporate, Thames Valley Corporate

About me

I take pride in every single thing I do – whether I’m lead adviser on a multimillion-pound corporate transaction or putting up wallpaper, I want to be the best. Therefore, when it comes to your corporate matters, I’ll use my skills, experience and commerciality to provide you with the best advice.

I’m always looking beyond the obvious, and I never sit on the fence when my clients want guidance. Balancing the law, risk factors and required commercial outcomes, my goal is to deliver the best deal for my clients, whether a start-up, owner-managed SME or large multinational.

Chambers and Partners - Rachel Turner

Rachel is very responsive to queries and flags potential issues.
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Accolade after share capital sale

Corporate lawyer Rachel Turner’s experience and expertise drew praise from client Lawrence Hirson, director of Shine Partner Ltd, for her handling of the sale of the share capital of H&L Russel Limited to Scott Brothers Limited. Lawrence said: “Rachel and her team at HCR went above and beyond to move this transaction forward to a successful conclusion, proactively offering solutions to issues that came up along the way. Rachel herself is commercial, yet thorough and her experience is obvious. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone considering a business sale.”
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Support for US firm making first UK acquisition

Corporate and international expertise from Rachel Turner, Mary Pears and Emily Beere, based in Thames Valley, enabled US firm to Seis GEaR Inc make its first UK acquisition, buying the business of Verif-i. Seis GEaR Inc is a seismic tools and maintenance provider, and acquired Verif-i, which provides auditing and QC services, including technical audits, inspections, and related consulting to key oil company, multi-client data companies and manufacturers both in the marine and land markets. Mike Burnham of Seis GEaR Inc said: “Buying an existing business is always a difficult process. When you are a company that has only been in business for six months and are buying a business in a foreign country, it can be an absolute nightmare. “The HCR law team was recommended to us by the seller and it turned out to be one of the best recommendations we have received. The HCR team was very responsive, easy to work with, and more than anything else they worked with us using the spirit of the deal to frame the agreement while meeting all UK required legal parameters. “They were able to juggle multiple changes on a compressed time schedule while still keeping true to the original goals and the original budget, and we were able to close the deal within 24 hours of our target date. I would recommend Rachel Turner, Mary Pears and the rest of the HCR team to anyone contemplating a merger or acquisition.”
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Top Tips & FAQs

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Your advisers are part of your deal team, so keep them up to speed with any developments to save time later on.

We’ve probably seen it all before, so ask us for our opinion, rather than just the legal perspective – we might have an approach you haven’t considered.

Although you may be loyal to an existing adviser, they might not have experience in the type of deal you’re undertaking, so consider taking on new advisers where necessary.

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Is warranty and indemnity insurance worth it?

If there are risks that can’t be reduced by a thorough due diligence and disclosure process then it can be an effective way to cover off risk. However, if should never be used as a substitute for full disclosure against warranties.

The Company has a lot of spare cash. Can it buy my shares?

Potentially, but company law is very strict on how and when a company can buy shares back from a shareholder. Getting it wrong, even in relation to seemingly unimportant details, means that buy-back is treated as if it never happened. Before you consider this option, have a chat to us.

What percentage of shares should I give to employees?

There's no "one size fits all" answer to this question. What's important is to balance the desire to incentivise key staff with retaining sufficient control of the company. Talk to us about the 'pros' and 'cons' of non-voting shares and whether a share option scheme might be appropriate.

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