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Helping clients to navigate through what is often the most difficult period in their lives is the reason I specialise in family law. Taking the time to listen to clients and empathise with their situation is vital so that I can offer plain speaking, but measured advice.

I act for a panoply of clients, from business owners to public sector employees such as police officers and NHS workers. I advise and guide my clients through the process to achieve a fair settlement, emotional recovery, and a financially secure future.

Outside work, I am a keen runner and cyclist (although very injury prone!). I’m also an avid rugby fan and enjoy following the fluctuating fortunes of the Welsh rugby team.

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Richard Scott is knowledgeable and approachable, and does the best for his clients, in a sensible and amicable way.
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Stay calm, don’t over think things and listen to the advice I am giving you – you are in safe hands!

Detail is important. The better I know you and your situation, the better I can tailor my advice and our strategy accordingly.

Prioritise what is important to you in terms of a settlement; stay focused on that goal and be prepared to compromise.

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Will I have to go to court?

In most cases, no. I always strive to keep any conflict to a minimum and to achieve a fair resolution at the first opportunity out of court.

Only in rare cases, where the issues are complex, or the opponent is so unreasonable that we cannot negotiate a compromise, will court intervention be necessary.

How much will it cost?

It depends on the issues and the approach taken by both parties. However, every effort will be made to conclude matters amicably and economically - I will tell you when a good deal can be done!

Can I keep my house/pension?

Again, it depends on the circumstances of the case. At an early stage, we discuss your priorities and goals, then devise a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome.

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