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Reputation is everything, and when people accuse you of not living up to yours, it can have a disastrous impact on your business. If you’re a victim of malicious falsehoods or defamation, including libellous accusations or slander, our specialists can help you take action. We understand the commercial and personal implications of misleading information in the public domain, so we’ll resolve the issue as swiftly and economically as we can.

Protecting your name in the digital age

Due to the proliferation of social media and its influence on public opinion, your business is more open and vulnerable than ever. From bad reviews on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook to malicious comments and claims on online forums, we know that we need to act quickly before the damage is done. We’ll start as soon as you engage us, using our expert knowledge of both defamation law and social algorithms to help you combat the issues – often, without any need to invoke costly court proceedings.

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How can we help you?

Acting in your best interests

Defamation cases can be highly expensive, with the costs often outweighing the benefits. Unlike other firms, we’ll be straight with you if we think this is the case, and take a commercially considered approach. We also work closely with PR consultants, taking their advice on board and utilising their services to refocus the story in your favour.

We’ve acted on behalf of a wide range of organisations and individuals, including schools, technology focused businesses, charities and even members of the nobility. In each instance, we analyse the issue and prioritise your immediate needs to save precious time and resource on your behalf.

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