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30 November 2020

Webinar: Essential updates for In-House lawyers

In-house lawyers have had to equip themselves to deal with unprecedented change brought about by the pandemic. There are still government support schemes to grapple with, and major uncertainties around Brexit, so in-house lawyers need to be agile and ‘hit the ground running’ when these changes come. In this webinar, our specialist experts help you get ready for 2021.

This webinar is 1 hour and 40 minutes long and includes presentations from:

  • Elizabeth Beatty introduces the webinar at 00:05
  • Georgia Shriane, provides an update on GDPR, in particular looking at what’s new, and how Brexit will affect GDPR and data protection, at 05:29
  • Ruth Sheret, talks through a health and safety based scenario in light of Covid-19 and the latest regulations, at 29:00
  • Steve Thomas, provides an update on Incoterms and some thoughts on the impact of Brexit and the key issues when drafting liability cap clauses, at 52:06
  • Nicolas Groffman and Michael Stokes provide an update on Brexit and the transition period in relation to rules around employment and immigration and the latest on international trade, followed by a conversational Q&A, at 1:19:47

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About the Authors
Elizabeth Beatty, Partner, Head of In-House Lawyer Services

Elizabeth Beatty is a Worcester solicitor, specialising in dispute resolution.

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Georgia Shriane, Legal Director

Georgia Shriane is a Thames Valley solicitor, specialising in commercial law.

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Michael Stokes, Partner, Head of Employment and Immigration Team

Michael Stokes is a Worcester solicitor, specialising in employment and immigration law.

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Nicolas Groffman, Partner, Head of International

Nicolas Groffman is a Thames Valley solicitor, specialising in International law

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