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2 March 2021

Webinar for US organisations: Business with the UK in the light of Biden, Boris and Brexit

The changing political landscape in both the US and Britain has left those who trade or are considering trading with the UK wondering how it will affect their arrangements. In this Q&A style webinar Nicolas Groffman and Robert Rice join Paul Sennott, Partner at US law firm Sennott Williams, to answer the questions they are being asked by clients.

Questions answered include:

  • Does Brexit affect US companies dealing with the EU?
  • Would it make more sense for US companies to set up in an EU country, rather than the UK? 
  • The new administration in DC has many priorities and the UK is not necessarily one of them.  Is the UK going to try to get attention, for example by offering incentives for US business?
  • What’s your sense of the market in the UK for transactions?
  • Which sectors are particularly active in terms of M&A in the UK?
  • Are there any obvious pitfalls to consider when trying to decide whether to acquire stock or assets?
  • Are you seeing an increased willingness to trade with US companies now that the EU is less accessible?
  • What advantages can the UK offer to a US company that they can’t get from Europe?

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About the Authors
Nicolas Groffman, Partner, Head of International

Nicolas Groffman is a Thames Valley solicitor, specialising in International law

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