Planning ahead in Welsh

13th August 2020

Whether it’s chatting with family and friends, ordering a cup of tea in a café or discussing important life issues, we are generally more comfortable doing so in our native languages, whatever they may be.

Making wills and powers of attorney is no exception, which is why our Wills, Trusts and Estates team in Cardiff is delighted now to be able to offer these services to our Welsh speaking clients through the medium of Welsh.

Nerys Thomas, an Associate Solicitor specialising in Wills, Trusts and Estates has recently joined our Cardiff team having spent the last six years working at our Worcester office. A fluent Welsh speaker born and raised in Carmarthenshire, Nerys is happy to conduct meetings and liaise with clients in Welsh.

In addition to communicating with clients in Welsh, we can now also offer to draft wills, powers of attorney and probate applications in Welsh in line with client preferences. Other matters such as inheritance tax planning, the creation and administration of trusts and mental capacity issues can also be dealt with in Welsh.

For those clients who wish to discuss their matter in Welsh, but who would prefer for their documents to be drafted in English, so that, for example, non-Welsh speaking family members can also understand, we can of course accommodate each client’s individual needs.

Nerys said “Having worked outside Wales for many years, it is great to be back home where I can share my expertise using my first language. Individuals and families are often daunted by the prospect of discussing wills and what happens should they become poorly or die despite these conversations being some of the most important that we will ever have. Hopefully, by offering these services in Welsh to Welsh speaking clients, it will encourage more people to take action regarding their future planning.”

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