Top legal tips from HCR Worcester – part two

14th January 2022


HCR may have a firm foundation in Worcester, but we do not stand still.

We offer all our clients – local, national and international – excellent pragmatic and commercial advice. Whether it’s buying or selling your home, dealing with flexible working requests, protecting intellectual property or contesting a will, our Worcester team can help.

Hear from the experts to discover top tips you may not have considered before.

Buying or selling a residential property? Hear from Zoe Touhey

When it comes to buying or selling a residential property, make your timeframes feasible; setting unrealistic deadlines only makes the process more stressful. Zoe Touhey, head of Residential Conveyancing in Worcester, offers more top tips.

Find out more about how Zoe and the team can help you.

Dealing with flexible working requests? Hear from Harpreet Kaur

Since the pandemic and a change in the working environment, employers may be faced with an increase in flexible working requests. Employment and immigration lawyer Harpreet Kaur shares her top tips.

Find out more about how Harpreet and the team can help you.

How can tech businesses protect their intellectual property? 

Tech businesses looking to protect their intellectual property should not make assumptions when it comes to ownership of IP; be wary when using open-source software and always seek advice. Commercial lawyer Mohammed Toqeer offers further insight.

Find out more.

What steps should you take when contesting a will? Hear from Alyson McGowan

Dealing with the difficulties caused by a dispute over a will can be distressing; Alyson McGowan gives advice on how to handle a stressful and difficult situation.

Find out more on how Alyson and the Disputed Wills, Trusts and Estates team can support you.

How can directors in financial difficulty avoid personal liability? Hear from Hayley Phelps

Keeping a full record of all decision-making could be the last thing on a director’s mind when their company is in financial difficulty, but Hayley Phelps says this can be one of the most important things to have done if their conduct comes under review.

Find out more on how Hayley and the restructuring and insolvency team can support you.

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