Webinar: Ask the Employment Expert

5th June 2020


In this episode of our Ask the Experts series Robert Capper, Covid-19 Lead, asks the questions you submitted on furlough and Covid-19 employment matters to Michael Stokes, Head of Employment & Immigration.

The questions are as follows (time shown in brackets):

  • (00:45) What do you think about the latest developments on furlough?
  • (2:10) What’s the significance of 10th June?
  • (4:19) What’s the implication of an employee breaching lockdown, and are there any disciplinary implications in particular?
  • (7:04) What protection can employers take in the event of an employee breaching lockdown rules and then as a result, finding themselves in isolation for 14 days ?
  • (11:54) We are still hearing from clients who’s staff are shielding, but not necessarily because they are clinically vulnerable- they are simply nervous about coming back to work. In that situation, is there an option for employers to simply leave their staff on furlough?
  • (15:46) How do employers and employees fair where they’re subject to different rules on travel between their place of work and their home, for example an employee that lives in Wales and works in England?
  • (19:31) With regard to holiday plans – how does the 14 day quarantine period get dealt with? Does the employee have to take that as holiday? Can they take that as unpaid holiday or can they work from home for 14 days?
  • (23:27) Can people use the furlough scheme as part of their notice period?
  • (26:28) What advice would you give people about selection criteria for redundancy and how to manage that?

You may also like to read our other FAQs on furlough. You can also download our return to work decision making flowchart for employers.

You can submit questions to [email protected]

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