Webinar: Business interruption insurance essentials for in-house lawyers

15th July 2020


If your business has suffered losses or interruption as a result of Covid-19 you’ll be considering the options available to mitigate the impact and help your business survive. In this webinar, we present the insurance industry’s current position, the issues faced by businesses in relation to business interruption insurance claims, how to make a claim, and what the alternatives are if your claim is unsuccessful.

This webinar is 46 minutes 3 seconds and includes presentations from:

  • Adam Finch, Partner, Dispute Resolution who introduces the webinar and starts talking about policies that are relevant to your business interruption claim, at 00:05
  • Jenny Raymond, Partner, Dispute Resolution who starts talking about steps to take if you think you have cover as well as the role of the FCA, at 9:24
  • Martin Chapman, Partner, Forensic Accountant, Baldwins, who starts talking about how to prepare a claim and quantify your loss, at 18:35
  • Q&A starts at 36:30

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