Webinar: Employment claims in a virtual world

26th March 2021


Employment tribunals are facing one of the biggest backlogs of claims for 10 years. A surge in unemployment caused by Covid-19, whilst courts and Tribunals were also forced to shut their doors for months to safeguard against the spread of the virus, has resulted in the rise of the virtual Tribunal hearing. Significant investments in the Cloud Video Platform system and recent amendments to the Employment Tribunals Rules means remote hearings are likely to stay for the foreseeable future.

In this webinar, we look at the impact of Covid-19 on Employment Tribunals and help guide you through the process of managing a remote hearing.

This webinar is 59 minutes and 25 seconds and includes presentations from:

Chris Mayers who provides an overview of the remote hearing process, at 02:00

Andrea Thomas and Douglas Leach who answer the practical questions they are being asked by clients to help them prepare for a remote hearing, at 16:10

Chris Mayers who explores the alternative options available to employment tribunal claims, at 39:38

Q&A starts at 48:08