Webinar: Restructuring your workforce post lockdown

29th July 2020


Many employers are now facing questions around how to manage the changing needs of their business, and with the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) ending in October, they may be considering whether to restructure their workforce. In business, our people are often our biggest expense, and in order to survive, some employers may have to find ways of reducing their wage bills. Whilst this is a difficult subject for any employer, we would encourage you to think about this sooner rather than later. In this webinar we look at the options available.

This webinar is 45 minutes 12 seconds and includes presentations from:

  • Rowena Kay, Associate, Employment and Immigration who introduces the webinar and starts talking about what the options are if you need to restructure, at 00:05
  • Guy Hollebon, Legal Director, Employment and Immigration who starts talking about how you may be able to vary terms and conditions and common worries and pitfalls, at 12:43
  • Q&A starts at 24:00
  • We have answered all questions submitted during this webinar and the other two webinars in the ‘managing redundancies’ series here.