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Employment law constantly changes so it’s a very dynamic area to practice in. I get to combine people interaction with complex, challenging and interesting legal situations every day; something I really thrive on.

I work with individuals on a senior executive level, as well as companies ranging from large, international firms such as BA Plc to public sector organisations like Monmouthshire County Council. I spend time really getting to know my clients and the organisations they work in so that I’m in the best possible position to represent them.

Every case matters to me, whatever the size, value or issue and I enjoy the challenge of finding practical solutions to workplace issues quickly and effectively. I’m constantly looking for innovative ways to resolve problems and achieve the desired outcome, by combining my commercial focus with my knowledge of employment law.

Seeing people grow, develop and fulfil their potential is what really drives me, both at work and at home. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my own son pursue his passion too – though in his case, it’s driving go-karts!

Want to know more?

Deal with issues when they arise – don’t bury your head in the sand as issues can fester and become more entrenched.

Don’t be a slave to employment policies and procedures – think of creative and commercial solutions.

Ensure you have a GDPR-compliant privacy notice.

Do I really need a contract for my employees? We all get along fine so is it really necessary?

Yes, you do. The law says employees must receive a written statement of the terms of employment within two months of starting work. Having a clear contract in place helps avoid potential disputes later on. The contract doesn’t need to be a lengthy document; it just needs to cover the key issues.

It’s impossible to sack anyone. So why bother trying?

This is not the case. When properly followed, employment law supports employers in managing staff and terminating employment. Though it’s a last resort, it’s not impossible.

Dad, can I have my own go-kart?

I haven’t decided the answer to this one yet!

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