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Making a real difference for my clients is high on my list of priorities and one of the reasons why I chose this area of law. Every case is different, and I make sure that my advice is clear and measured but robust when it needs to be.

I know that my clients want their problems resolved in the quickest, most economical and, if possible, amicable way, so that it always my focus. Giving them continuity throughout the whole process by doing as much of my own advocacy work in court as possible is part of my service to them, whether they are business owners, high net worth individuals or home makers and whether they are based in Wales and the south west or further afield.

Outside work my neighbours can testify to my drumming, and I have really enjoyed being quiz master and MC at charity quizzes.

Legal 500 - James Grigg

James Grigg is charming, excellent, knowledgeable and very experienced.
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Chambers and Partners - James Grigg

James is outstanding. He is extremely knowledgeable and he has a great handle on the way cases play out in practice.
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Help and expert guidance for divorce and financial settlement

Divorce and the inevitable financial settlement are seldom easy to negotiate, but James Grigg and his team were glad to be able to help a client through just such a time. The client said: “I have appreciated all your support, knowledge and guidance. I have recommended and I will continue to recommend you to all friends that find themselves in similar muddy waters….thanks for all your help.”
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Working for the best outcome in divorce battle

Securing the best possible outcome for clients is paramount and James Grigg’s work on behalf of a client involved in a particularly difficult divorce gave her that outcome. The client, dissatisfied with her previous solicitor during divorce proceedings, called on him; James was able to successfully appeal a previous decision, ensuring that she secured the best possible outcome. She said: “After a lengthy and very bitter divorce dispute, James was eventually referred to me. He is hands down the best solicitor I’ve ever encountered, extremely professional, incredibly straight talking and got fantastic results. I can’t recommend James highly enough.”
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Ultimately, you get what you pay for as with everything in life.

Always adopt a proportionate approach to matters rather than one based on a matter of principle

Whilst not the most romantic of concepts, agreements are king, whether they are cohabitation agreements or pre or post nuptial agreements.

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I am a common law spouse, so I think I’m entitled to make financial claims upon the breakdown of the relationship.

Firstly, there is no such concept in law as a common law spouse and therefore no financial claims can be made by virtue of you being one (because you are not).

I put all the money into the purchase of our matrimonial home and my husband has no claim to it./ As the matrimonial home was owned by me before marriage, my wife has no claim to it upon divorce.

The answer to both is that there will (almost certainly) be a claim on the matrimonial home by the other party upon a divorce, in some cases regardless of the length of the marriage. This highlights the importance of pre-nuptial agreements and taking specialist advice when you buy a property and before you start living together.

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