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If divorce is inevitable, we’ll help you through what can be a difficult and painful process with compassion, care and sensible advice. We aim to obtain a divorce in the most straightforward and stress-free way possible, and can help with both defended and undefended proceedings, including those with complex financial matters and issues involving children.

Starting a new chapter

No matter your circumstances, our experienced experts act for both husbands and wives to help you move forward and start again. From straightforward cases with no assets or children to complicated matters involving high-value assets and businesses, we’ll ensure your case is handled with care, resulting in a fair outcome.

If you’d like to start divorce proceedings, we’ll need your original marriage certificate or a certified copy that can be filed with the court when the divorce is issued. In a straightforward case, the process can take around seven to nine months, but we’ll keep you informed at every stage. We’ll also give you a detailed cost breakdown at the beginning, and offer fixed fees in suitable cases.

How can we help you?

Working in collaboration

We know it can be costly and emotionally draining going to court, so as part of our team, we have several lawyers skilled in collaborative law. This process can greatly reduce the cost and time it takes to obtain a divorce, and is designed to constructively address issues and encourage compromise from both parties.

If you are looking to separate amicably, collaborative law can be a much simpler way of doing it. If you decide to move forward with the collaborative process, we’ll explain the process in full and set up a series of joint meetings with your former partner and their collaborative lawyer, which will then become a legally binding agreement.

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